Brief profile

Achyuta Samanta with mother, Nilimarani Samanta.

Smt. Nilimarani Samanta was a religious-minded woman and a social activist, respected by one and all in the entire Raghunathpur area. Eldest daughter of Late Purnanand Samanta and wife of Late Anadi Charan Samanta, she was instrumental in transforming once remote and backward Kalarabank village of Manpur Panchayat (a cluster of villages) into a smart village and model Panchayat, replete with all modern amenities.

In 1970s, after untimely demise of her husband when she was about 40, Smt. Nilimarani Samanta brought up her seven children with much difficulty in this remote village. Her husband had not left anything for the family as he was a small time worker. Her life was full of struggles but she never lost her patience. However, her fifth son Achyuta Samanta grew up as Dr. Achyuta Samanta to earn glory at national and international level as an educationist and social activist. Mother Nilimarani was proud of his achievements and always thought that one day he will fulfill her dream of transforming Kalarabank into a developed village. She had advised her son Achyuta to work for the village. She visualized a village which will have metalled road, street lights, drinking water facility, spiritual, natural and peaceful ambience, mutual brotherhood and respect, love for culture and art, and all pervasive mentality of cooperation and social work.

Because of her inspirations, this village is now a smart village. Manpur Panchayat has also been transformed into a model Panchayat. Development of Kalarabank as a Smart Village and Manpur as a Model Panchayat is indeed a unique direct development action in the country.